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Leviticus poster

Short film written by Paco Torres and Spanish writer Fernando Repiso. Produced by Tres producciones y media, with the support of Fundación Abades and Vivamóvil Telecomunicaciones s.l. 

Captura de pantalla 2024-02-19 a las 19.22.07.png

Bethel Series

Original Tv series created by Paco Torres and Katherine VanPelt, co-directed by Oscar winner Guillermo Navarro and Paco Torres. Production 2023.

Leviticus short-teaser

Short film written by Paco Torres and Spanish writer Fernando Repiso.

Blessed journey aka Bendito Viaje

Original feature script written by Paco Torres..

Motel Paradise

Script by Katherine VanPelt and Alex Clavijo, with Paco Torres as director and the Spirit Award actress Mya Taylor attached as one of the main roles.

Seville FC campaign 2006-2007

As Creative Director for Grupo Imagen Agency, I created this campaign inspired by one of the Seville fans in the stadium at the final. Below, a campaign I created to celebrate the launch of Seville FC tv station.

Marbella Stand for Fitur

I created the concept for Marbella stand at Fitur, using the sea as inspiration for this year concept.

21 Hight St mall aka Katara Plaza in Qatar

I directed the ceremony film with different team in different places of this 4D mapping interaction in Doha, in a screen of 750 square meters.

Screenshot 2024-01-12 at

Jesterina Animation series

I have created a  tv series animation for children, full of adventures and a better sustainable world.

Qatar Gas and Qatar Petroleum

I created, written and directed this documentary for the launch of the new Qatar Gas refinery and the event visuals.

Topshop window at Dubai Mall

Created the concept with Lorenzo Benassar for a new display 3 D window in Dubai mall, for Top Shop Brand.


I created the concept for Agesa anual corporate book.

Caesar III, Barbie and  World of Warcraft

I've worked as one of the writers for several games for Vivendis group and Blizzard Entertainment.

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