I am a commercial and fiction director based in Seville, Spain , but working internationally.  Before I become a full time director  I worked as Creative Director in several advertising agencies as McCann Erickson, Cawley Nea, Ad-volution among others and I´ve made two feature films and several awarded short films. I was born in Sevilla and raised between Seville, Dublin and Barcelona. My craft is my knowledge and experience and I´ve studied Marketing and Cinematography between Cataluña and Ireland. I am an inspired, versatile and craft-driven director, with background in advertising, tv and films. My talent lies in performance driven work, drama, children and blending extraordinary visuals. I have established myself as a strong Director with incredibly creativity, strength, leading actors and energy on set. I am strong on narrative, storytelling, cinematic, emotions, lifestyle, youth, real people, dialogue, content, visual, kids, performances, testimonials.

I believe the shoot is the most creative and intense moment of a production and a moment when we are allowed to explore, investigate and improve on certain elements giving an organic touch and magic to make unique work.

My films varied in style and content, with exploring different styles in commercials and full of humanity and sensibility in fiction, touching real peoples emotions.

In 2001, I started to direct my first fictions films, The last wall, Instants and Ground Zero.

Then, after few years working on TV and developing projects, in 2009 I directed by first feature film The magic of hope, aka El vuelo del tren, that was released in cinema in 2011, nominated for Asecan Awards of 2012 and released worldwide in cinema, VOD and streamers as Netflix in 2016.

In 2015 was released my second feature film Saol, an experimental film about OCD, shot in only 14 hours.

During all these years, I have also directed several short films like The Rattle of Benghazi, Halowin and Seventy, which have been worldwide in film festivals and won several awards.


What most interests me now about my work is the possibility to create real emotions, human stories with real characters and be able to achieve narrative simplicity for any idea. I believe that my latest works reflect this growing up directing skills and I have the capacity, sweat and know how to create more  beautiful stories.

I am a member of SDGI Ireland, SGAE Spain and Creamos Association of writers and directors  in Andalucia.

Paco Torres