PACO TORRES & JOHNNY HAN HAVE JOINED TOGETHER .  We are a team of directors with a strong background in film and advertising that can take a brief and give the best twist and right rhythm to the story.  We create great visuals, breathtaking and beautiful commercials, full of emotions, incredibly VFX and style. Each of our films has to look epic. We write excellent treatments, getting the essence of the briefing and delivering an idea that suits the concept perfectly in order to create an exciting campaign, tv series or film.

Johnny is an excellent director specialize in VFX. He has worked in films as Spiderman 3 or Superman.  Together Johnny and Torres bring super narrative, plus top high end special effects at very competitive budget. Click on image to see Johnny's site and work. Visit Johnny's site at Johnny Han

PACO TORRES & LORENZO BENNASSAR ARE COLLABORATING TOGETHER SINCE THE LAST FEW YEARS.  We create media campaigns, events and any type of Branded content for clients, agencies and production houses. Visit Lorenzo's sites at Lorenzo Bennassar.